Sweet “Baby Holiday” at Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei

One-Stop Satisfaction for Accommodation, Buffet for Two, Baby Meals, and Picture Taking


Are you tired of carrying lots of packs for a family trip with babies? Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei is launching the sweet “Baby Holiday” package with one-night accommodation and two meals for the period from April 1 to June 30. The hotel also prepares a wide variety of baby supplies and baby meals to help parents minimize the troubles of traveling with babies. For those who make reservations in advance, the package includes accommodation at the spacious Prestige Room (60m2, at a regular price of NT$17,000+15.5%), deluxe buffet breakfast (NT$860+10% per person) and sumptuous dinner with a delicate main course (NT$2,000+10% per person) at the palette buffet, and thoughtful meals and supplies for babies, including rice crackers (NT$120) and a baby photo voucher from Benetton Photograph (NT$2,200) to keep a lovely and charming record of growth for babies. The entire package, with a total value of NT$26,355, is now at NT$11,800+15.5% only, with nearly 50% off. Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei welcomes you and your babies to enjoy a sweet vacation at the hotel. Please call (02) 7722-3399 and ask for the reservation office for more information.

To express our care for parents with babies, Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei is launching the sweet “Baby Holiday” package with accommodation for one night and two meals, starting from April 1. In addition to a buffet dinner and breakfast, Hermès toiletries and constant-temperature outdoor pool for parents, the hotel prepares a host of baby supplies including a baby bed, milk bottle sterilizer, baby tub, and Sebamed baby bathing set. Besides, Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei is equipped with the Life Energy Water Reactor, which is seldom seen in hotels, to effectively increase the oxygen content of water so that guests can enjoy quality water when dining as well as bathing/showering. The hotel is also installed with Daikin’s variable refrigerant volume (VRV) air-conditioning system that enables temperature control in individual areas of a room, allowing guests to adjust the temperature whenever desired. Moreover, for the first time ever, Daikin provides exclusive biochemical-filters to a client outside Japan, namely Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, to enhance the antibacterial and anti-mold performance of the air-conditioning system installed, so that parents can rest assured that their babies are staying in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Apart from the room supplies and exclusive professional equipment, the hotel is cooperating with Taiwan’s leading baby food manufacturer Hank Baby for the first time to provide each room with one bottle of baby rice crackers and baby food ordering at palette that covers a wide variety of main courses including “Apple Oatmeal Rice Paste”; “GuGu Chicken Corn Gruel”, which is added with rice and carrot; and “Fruits Pureed”, which is rich in guava, apple and pineapple; and rice crackers for dessert. After ordering, our service attendants will heat the baby food and deliver it to the baby’s table. The baby food is available at palette in all meal sessions in order for parents to enjoy fine food in a relaxed manner and for babies to eat safely.>>Baby Food

In addition to accommodation for one night and two meals, the sweet “Baby Holiday” package of Grand Mayfull offers one photo voucher from Benetton Photograph for those who make reservations beforehand. As a partner of many fashion magazines and with ample crossover experience, Benetton Photograph is a professional studio popular among TV artists. The voucher in the package includes free baby costume/makeup so that parents can keep a record of the lovely and innocent moments of their babies. Parents may also join their babies  to have a family photo taken. The photography service includes one 12-inch photo with a frame. By offering a quality accommodation environment and professional catering services, Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei aims to let parents have fun and their babies have a healthy and happy stay at the hotel.

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