Mayfull Anniversary Celebration  

palette Buffet Restaurant Buy Four Get One Free

Buffet and Afternoon Tea: Taste Dazzling Made-to-Order Dishes

To celebrate the first anniversary of Taipei Grand Mayfull Hotel during April, the palette buffet restaurant offers the “palette Buy Four Get One Free” promotional event, as well as the long-awaited “Dazzling Afternoon Tea” buffet. Come and enjoy the various international dishes made by the professional team of chefs at Mayfull using the best quality meat and the freshest ingredients. “Dazzling Afternoon Tea” offers a wide range of sumptuous meals and the strictly-selected meat that is the pride of Mayfull. Enjoy the all-you-can-eat, cut-to-order Spanish Iberian pork and American beef short ribs. There is also the must-try DIY fruit mille-feuille. Guests can select the fillings for their Mexican burritos as well as a variety of dazzling and colorful desserts. Afternoon tea is NT$980+10% per person. Guests can also try the top-grade “Unlimited Wagyu Beef” dishes during dinner that have been widely acclaimed since their launch on March 15. The anniversary celebration does not end here.

Mayfull also offers the “palette Buffet Restaurant Buy Four Get One Free” promotional event.

During Mondays to Thursdays from April 1 to April 30,

During Mondays to Fridays from May 1 to June 30,

enjoy buy four get one free in the palette buffet for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. Get your friends together to enjoy this promotional event. Reservation hotline: 02-7722-3395.

(A 10% service fee is added to the meal prices. The abovementioned promotions cannot be used together with other offers or programs at Mayfull Hotel.)

Sumptuous afternoon tea. Satisfy your taste buds and let the colorful dishes dazzle your visual senses. In addition to the “Unlimited Wagyu Beef” and “Dazzling Afternoon Tea” buffet options, palette has also launched the “Vitality Plus” buffet breakfast promotional event from April 1 to June 30. During this time, the original price of NT$860+10% is reduced to the previous promotional price of NT$600+10%. To celebrate Mayfull’s anniversary, the Australia 9+ Wagyu Beef Burger with Black Truffle and Egg; the Australia 9+ Wagyu Beef Cheese Burger with Black Truffle and Potatoes; and the Crisp Soft-Shell Crabs with Black Truffle, Egg, and Lobster Sauce will be added to the menu for the amazing price of NT$300+10%. palette’s Chef Jin-Long Xie has chosen the Australia 9+ grade wagyu beef for the wagyu beef burgers that is fresh, succulent, and delicious. People who do not eat beef can also enjoy the seafood options. The menu is changed regularly according to seasonal changes to increase the number of breakfast choices. From April 1, palette offers meal surprises from breakfast to dinner to make the Mayfull anniversary event even more lively and sumptuous.

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