A Flight From Mayfull is Going To Take Off For Europe

A Savory Stroll Across Italy With Your Tatse Buds.

Even if you cannot travel abroad right now, you can still enjoy European style in Taiwan. Our Chef Massimo Picci from Florence, Italy is bringing his home cuisine to the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei. We are offering a 45-ounce tender, juicy, charcoal roasted Florence steak from December 27th. Price for four persons to share the steak costs NT$4,680+10%. For just an additional NT$880 (+10%) per person, you can also appreciate the chef’s selected Italian appetizer, soup, handmade pasta, and other delicious Italian dishes. Come for a savory stroll across Italy.  

There is also special display of a famous Italian classic 1973 Vespa motorcycle with a backdrop of Italy’s Amalfi coastal scenery for you to take a memorable photo with your loved ones.

Please call 02-7722-3396 to make a reservation at GMT Italian restaurant.