Every year, the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving, a day for family reunions. GMT Italian Restaurant in Taipei Mayfull Hotel is offering a festive hamper to share handmade delicacies appropriate for this joyful gathering.

This attractive hamper set includes a delicious and juicy Roasted Turkey. There is also a Classic Panettone Fruit Bread made with California raisins and diced citrus. This light and soft bread features fresh fruit aromas and an alluring flavor. To go with the meal, in addition to Crispy Potatoes, there is also a Four Seasons Pizza. The pizza has a base of mozzarella cheese, and baked on top are peeled Italian tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms and black olives. When celebrating this warm and happy holiday season, this hamper is ideal for sharing with friends and family. The food prepared by our Italian master chef Massimo Picci is the perfect choice for sharing delicious gourmet flavors and creating a festive atmosphere. 

The self pick-up price is NT$6,880 per set, available from now until 10/30. An early bird pre-order comes with a complimentary bottle of select red wine.
Please contact GMT Italian Restaurant at 02-7722-3396 for details and reservations.