The "Substantial Rice Dumpling Debut" gift box launched by The Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei this year is the first to promote "Spicy Beef Three Treasure Rice Dumplings". These treats include our signature fresh and tender beef brisket, beef tendon, and tripe. In addition, we offer the new "Dried Scallop Shanghai-Hangzhou Cuisine Rice Dumpling", which follows traditional Shanghai cuisine practice and incorporates dried scallops, Shanghai bok choy, and other precious ingredients. Of course, our "Classic Northern Taiwan Style Rice Dumplings" have remained popular over the years. And there are also the obligatory sweet "Eight Treasure Sweet Rice Dumplings".

Mayfull Substantial Rice Dumplings Gift Box includes six rice dumplings at NT$1,980 per set. If you pre-order before 31 May, you will enjoy an early bird discount of NT$1,680 per set and also receive a 10% discount on single purchases. In addition we will add a complimentary appetizer soup "Classic Cantonese Soup with Cooling Properties".

For details please contact CHIU YUET FONG Restaurant at 02-7722-3390.