With the first light of morning, golden rays shine in through the large French windows. There you are greeted with an elevated elegant space, which is surrounded with a leisurely weekend atmosphere. Slowly enjoy the semi-buffet Italian gourmet cuisines, allow the brunch dining hours to unveil a perfect day for you!

【Relaxing Brunch】

Event Period: From now to Dec. 29th, 2019 (limited to Saturday and Sunday)

Event Time: 11:00-14:30 (the supply hour for the bar is until 14:10)

Event Price: NT$1,580+10%/person

  • The height below 100cm will be charged for free, 101cm-130cm will be charged NT$380+10%/person, and the height is higher than 131cm will be charged NT$1,580+10%/person.

Choice Cold Dish Buffet Meal

  • Assorted Cheese Sausages
  • Assorted Cheese
  • Vegetable Pie
  • Classic Italian Appetizer
  • Smoked Salmon, Italian Bresaola
  • Assorted Salad


Choice Cooked Food

  • Handmade Italian Spaghetti
  • Side Dishes (Roast Potato, Stir-Fried Vegetables, Roast Vegetables)


Desserts & Beverages

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Yogurt, Cereals
  • Chef’s Signature Dessert
  • Coffee, Fresh Juice, Vegetable Juice


The aforementioned food ingredients will be replaced on an irregular basis.

Please contact 02-7722-3396 for more details and reservations