New First Choice for Souvenir – Splendid Presentation of “Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry” 

Refreshing fragrance of Taiwanese famous teas with sweet and sour dried fruit offer newly harvested freshness 

Master De-Lang Liu’s Iron Box Packaging Offer Excellent Gift


Rejoice Taiwan’s strong human touch with quality teas, listen attentively to Taiwan’s warm sunshine with quality fruits

Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei’s Moment café & bakery will be launching “Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry” starting today, carefully selected tea leaves from high mountain areas in Taiwan and the various dried fruits meticulously prepared by the pastry chef to design four unique tea desserts, including Roselle Beauty, Genmaicha Mulberry, Jinxuan Mango and Kumquat Oolong; the gigantic painting “Taipei Time Corridor” by the local Taiwanese artist, De-Lang Liu, was selected for the meticulous design of the tinplate box packaging, bringing loads of greetings to the receivers with the realistic reproduction of the intertwined present and past folk customs in Taipei Dazhi region. The refreshing tea fragrance of “Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry” gradually diffuses in the mouth, complementing the sweet and sour taste of the fresh dried fruit, which is then wrapped perfectly with French premium Viron flour and slow baked for about 30 minutes at 175 degrees. Each step is meticulously prepared by the pastry chef, Po-Chin Huang, to create the multiple layered mouthfeel of crispy crust with aromatic filling, allowing the best greetings to become the most wonderful memory, presenting the perfect gift.

please contact the ordering hotline at 02-7722-3397, Moment café & bakery.

Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry

Price NT$620 

  1. Roselle Beauty (3 Pieces)
  2. Genmaicha Mulberry (3 Pieces)
  3. Jinxuan Mango (2 Pieces)
  4. Kumquat Oolong (2 Pieces)


Enjoy a 10% off discount for consumption reaching NT$5,000; a 15% off discount for consumption reaching NT$10,000, and a 20% off discount for consumption reaching NT$20,000.

Please contact the order hotline at: 02-7722-3397  Moment café & bakery

“Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry” – Perfect Fusion of High Mountain Tea and Dried Fruits, the Four Classic Flavors Demonstrate Taiwan’s Local Deliciousness

Tea savoring is life aesthetics and is further a living style with abundant colors; pastry chef Po-Chin Huang uses “tea leaves” and “dried fruits” as the design theme, stringently selected high mountain quality teas in Taiwan and natural quality fruits from small farmers, using the sourness to bring out the taste of the tea fragrance, creating the Mayfull classic gift box which has become the new first choice for souvenirs. Chef Po-Chin Huang has selected Oriental Beauty tea, also known as Baihao Oolong, the main characteristics include aromatic tea soup and tea leaves embellished with white hair, it is the dreamy product amongst Taiwanese teas; it is complemented with Roselle dried fruit soaked in citrus fruit wine for a day to blend the unique flavored pastry of the “Roselle Beauty.” Differing from the oolong and black tea, chef Po-Chin Huang has selected Genmaicha preferred by the Japanese and Taiwanese people to produce the “Genmaicha Mulberry” Tea and Fruit Pastry, where the refreshingly sweet tea fragrance complements the fresh mulberry fruit pulp and its natural sourness with sweetness, making it suitable for enjoyment by the entire family. “Jinxuan Mango” selected Jinxuan Oolong with light fermentation, offering a faint creamy scent with the refreshing fragrance; it is matched with the sweet and sour dried mango to offer a delicious taste that leaves a rich aftertaste. “Kumquat Oolong” uses the famous Alishan Oolong with fresh dried kumquat fruit, offering an elegant fragrance of faint floral and fruit scent, which will excite your taste buds.


“Exquisite Tinplate Box” – Enter the Historical Corridor of Taipei City, Exquisite Tinplate Box Demonstrates Generosity

Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei utilizes Taiwan’s local food ingredients, combined with exquisite paintings from Taiwanese artists to praise the marvelous local Taiwan elements. Taiwanese artist, De-Lang Liu, was born in Hsinchu in 1958, and is specialized in using Western classicism as the starting point to blend in self emotions, thoughts and ethical nature, conveying his constant innovative style and ideas towards painting through Taiwan’s magnificent sceneries. The exquisite packaging of “Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry” is composed by Master De-Lang Liu based on the historical space and background of the Japanese Ruling Era, as well as the spiritual sculpture of Grand Mayfull Hotel in Taipei Dazhi region, while the jaguar looking down from the heights on the right hand side symbolizes the vigorous vitality and the spirit of sustainable management for the Mayfull Enterprise. The painting includes the Meiji Bridge, Taipei Shrine, Taiwan Grand Shrine and the present Grand Hotel which mutually enhances the splendor with the Martyrs’ Shrine, witnessing the history of Taipei development. The original painting of the tinplate box is currently exhibited on the third floor of the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, hoping that more guests may admire the Taiwanese local artist’s works and enjoy the unique historical legacy of the Dazhi region.  

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