The Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei is now launching a “Microcosmos” accommodation package, which lasts till Dec. 29. The idea behind it is that the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei is like an immense universe with comets of all sorts. Carrying backpacks and suitcases, hotel guests are like adventurous astronauts in search of pleasant surprises and exploring the wonders of the future. Hotel guests who choose the accommodation package are offered the following giveaways: “Grand Mayfull Microcosmos” three-piece canvas bags that are the result of 30-year-old bag making craftsmanship, “Microcosmos” bookmarks that tell stories appealing to hipsters, tickets to the Miramar Ferris wheel, which is one of Taipei’s most shining landmarks, and designated free drinks at Moment café & bakery (worth NT$4,900 in total). The Grand Mayfull space shuttle is about to be launched. Please fasten your seat belts for the trip that will soon begin. For more information and room bookings, please call 02-77223399 for the extension to the room booking center.

Grand Mayfull “Microcosmos” accommodation package


From now to Dec. 29, 2019

Room type

Executive Room

Package price

 NT$7,600 plus 10% service fee (original price: NT$16,170)

Promotional offers

  • Palette buffet-style breakfast coupons offered according to room type and number of occupants
  • Two “Grand Mayfull Microcosmos” canvas bags (worth NT$2,400) per room
  • Two sets of “Microcosmos” bookmarks (8 each set) per room 
  • Two tickets to Miramar Ferris Wheel (worth NT$500) per room
  • Eight glasses of NT$2,000 worth of designated drinks at Moment café & bakery (redeemed with room card and coupon) 
  • Free access to capsule coffee machine, high-speed WiFi links, welcome fruit and mini-bar  
  • Free access to Mu Wellness, Fitness Center and Outdoor Swimming Pool.