Starting from today, the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government invites travelers checking in at Grand Mayfull Taipei Hotel to participate in the free micro guided tour, the event of “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle~ Beitou-Zhuzihu Route”, to explore famous tourist attractions including Yangming Shuwu, Liouhuang Valley and Zhuzihu…etc., one may further enjoy characteristic lunch and experience the natural presents from nature.

Event Period: Today ~ 10/26 (Sat.)

Time: Morning session 08:00-12:00 / Afternoon session 13:00-17:00

Available Number of People: 18 people per session

Registration Method: Please contact the service center at 1214 in advance to confirm the itinerary arrangement.

Intro to Tourist Attractions Along the Way

Setting out from Beitou Park, one may have fun at famous tourist attractions including Yangming Shuwu, Liouhuang Valley and Zhuzihu…etc., a tour to the long-term local deep-rooted “New Taipei City Peitou Culture Foundation” is further arranged to make the 4-hour journey. Moreover, tour guide combines with smart technology, providing multilingual options including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean The tour also has stamp-collection and draw events…etc., hoping to allow travelers to explore the cultural sentiment of Xinbeitou through the simple approach. The characteristic of Beitou is slow living; travelers visiting here may soak in hot springs, stroll in nature, enjoy gourmet food, admire and taste the beauty of historical buildings to satisfy both body and spirit at once. When coming to Beitou, one may travel to the just-renovated Beitou Hot Spring Museum, the famous green building of Beitou Library, as well as the Ketagalan Culture Center based on indigenous tribal contemporary art and cultural relics. There are also 3 characteristic landscape parks including Qixing, Qihu, and Beitou…etc., allowing everyone to fully experience the nostalgic atmosphere of Beitou. Meanwhile, the second phase engineering of the Xinbeitou Historic Station is about to be completed, where visitors will then be able to experience the imitated past scenes of Beitou-Tamsui train driving into the Xinbeitou Station. 

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