During the Chinese New Year Festival, Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei will collaborate with four major restaurants to launch the New Year’s cuisines, offering exquisite and delicate dishes and blessings for the guests. It’s the perfect time for family and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new year.

The exclusive “Year of the Rat” offers are available for a 15% discount from now on until January 6, 2020.

Please contact CHIU YUET FONG at 02-7722-3390


Specially selected Chinese New Year’s exquisite cuisines of CHIU YUET FONG 

Thick chicken soup with abalone & fish maw

Braised beef cheeks with lotus root & red wine 

Traditional Chinese New Year’s cake

(turnip cake with dried scallops & Cantonese sausages, red bean rice cake, Chinese New Year’s cake with jujube puree & walnut)


American Kurobuta pork sausage


Japanese seasonal cuisines

Japanese-style braised fresh abalones

Japanese-style duck breast slices arranged in a blooming flower


Taiwanese cuisines

Sugar cane smoked chicken

Secret recipe beef ribs

Steamed glutinous rice with two mud crabs

Mullet roe gift box


Western-style new dishes

Stewed beef steak with red Burgundy 

Roman-style braised beef achyranthes