Priceless Taste with Champion Rice

Grandma’s Simple Flavor from MIPON

According to Executive Chef Qing-qin Dong, MIPON Restaurant, will launch cooperation with the Chishang “Rice Champion” Long-xing Lin of Taitung to provide Taiwan Japonica rice directly from farm to table. From now on, Chef Dong, who is specialized in delicate household dishes, launches the “Grandma’s Traditional Taste” to present the common household dishes from the good old days with the aroma of rice for a group of two or three to enjoy grandma’s simple flavor at an affordable price. Pan-fried pork liver, Traditional Minced Pork Rice, Fried Baby Oyster with Basil, and Daikon Radish Chicken Soup NT$160 and up each can be served with the chef’s specialty “Double Plum Juice” made with smoked plum, salty dried plum, and hawthorn to wash down grease at NT$120. Booking is available from now on until December 29. Please call MIPON Restaurant of Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei at (02) 7722-3391.

A bowl of quality rice is the basic insistence of Chef Dong. To find the best quality rice in Taiwan, he has travelled to Taitung in mid-summer to visit Long-xing Lin, who has won numerous rice champions and is called “King of Taiwan Rice”.

Unlike ordinary minced pork rice which is often made with pork ham, Chef Dong makes his “Traditional Minced Pork Rice” with jowl meat that each pig has only two sections. When well-marbled and tender jowl meat and stew with rich collagen are put on the chewy rice, the freshness and aroma spread all around. There is also the invincible traditional dish— “Black Pig Lardy Rice”. Always asking for natural ingredients and never using chemical additives, Chef Dong mixes rice with the lard of Taiwan black pigs and fried shallots to combine the strong aroma of the sauce and the natural aroma of chewy rice.

“Grandma’s Traditional Taste” at an affordable price enables seniors to recall the past memories and younger generations to participate in such memories. The menu includes a wide variety of high-class ingredients that are uncommon to people in the past, such as pork liver, steamed milkfish with bean curd, and stir-fried baby oyster with basil.

Welcome to MIPON to enjoy the simplest and warmest traditional taste with parents and friends.

Lunch: 11:30-14:30

Dinner: 18:00-21:30

Seats: 190 seats (including one large box and five connectable small boxes).

For reservation, please dial 02-7722-3391

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