“Dreamer” Family Accommodation Package - Accommodation of Premium Guest Room and Explore BabyBoss Career Experience


From Now until June 15, 2018 (Friday)

Room Type

Executive Room

No. of Guests / Rate

2 Adults and 1 Child at NT$7,800

2 Adults and 2 Children at NT$8,800

Promotional Content

  1. Breakfast buffet at palette is provided according to the number of guests per room during the accommodation period (Value: NT$860+10% per adult, NT$430+10% per child).
  2. BabyBoss Career Experience City admission tickets will be provided according to the number of guests per room (Value: NT$500 per adult, NT$900 per child). Children may select one type of career experience, which may be upgraded to experience all types of careers with an additional price of NT$200 paid on site at BabyBoss City.
  3. With an additional price of NT$3,000, this package may be upgraded to the 69 m2 Elite Room valued at NT$21,945.
  4. BabyBoss Career Experience City: Closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve (Venue/7th floor of Living Mall)
  5. 10% service fee and 5% business tax will be added to the aforementioned room rates.

Reserve Accommodation Package:

  1. During the accommodation period, each room is allowed to enjoy free access to the Fitness Center, Outdoor Swimming Pool and Mu Wellness for Men (excluding meals). Also included for free are the mini bar in the guest’s room, capsule coffee machine, and many more; each promotional package is not allowed to be used simultaneously with other promotions.
  2. Guests may enjoy an extended accommodation promotion at NT$4,999+15.5% for reserving this package (restricted to one night extension, excluding breakfast). 

Please contact 02-7722-3399 and ask for the Room Reservation Center for room reservations.

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