Club9 is an ideal social place organized by the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, and it offers an attentive service. The club has a variety of amenities to offer, including an exclusive lounge, piano bar, spa, two private rooms, as well as our attentive staff, who provide customized services and make sure all members are satisfied at all times.
Please contact our attentive staff for further information. Tel: 02-7722-3380

Piano Bar
The piano bar offers a 397 square meters of space with live jazz piano performances, creating a relaxing atmosphere. This is a perfect place for you to celebrate your business success or gather with your guests.
Exclusive Lounge
Members can enjoy their leisure time in this exclusive lounge that attracts many of Taipei’s socialites.
The lounge is combined with a reading room, boardroom and an audio-visual room. Members can not only enjoy the tranquility and beautiful view of the Dazhi riverside but also enjoy private meetings or gatherings with friends with the use of audio/visual equipment.
VIP Banquet Rooms
Club 9 has 2 banquet rooms exclusively to our members, featuring an open floor design and high ceilings in an elegant style. Members can enjoy this private space with our exquisite dining service.
Mu Wellness for Men
Inspired by the Japanese spa tradition, Mu Wellness for Men is well equipped with a sauna, steam room and cold & hot pools. You can also experience complete relaxation with our professional oil massage treatment in this comfortable space.