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Book A Table Book A Room
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Leading the Way in Creating a Whole New “Vision” for Banquets in 2021
420” High Definition LED Display Draw your loved ones closer with ergonomic interactive technology
All-New Elegant Outdoor Altar Area Spread the Love of Hearts Intertwined

A spacious banquet hall with a noble and elegant design and a floor-to-ceiling height of 7 meters with no pillars. The venue is equipped with an imposing 420-inch interactive high-definition LED display so that guests can instantly convey their blessings through their mobile phones. Various fun and entertaining interactive activities can also be planned to enliven wedding events and draw closer the distance between the hosts and the guests. The hall comes equipped with professional-grade BOSE speakers to create an extraordinary banquet ambiance.

Sumptuous delicacies are meticulously prepared by our wedding banquet culinary team from seasonal and select top-quality ingredients. New and creative menu items are constantly developed and updated. From appetizers to after-dinner desserts, dozens of top delicacies are available for couples to choose from, bringing an extraordinary feast for the taste buds during wedding banquets.

With a grand venue, a professional wedding team and a brand new outdoor garden wedding altar area, you can rest assured and leave your wedding planning to Grand Mayfull!


(Elegant Garden-Style Outdoor Altar Area)