Moment café & bakery


Location ⁄ 1st Floor

Whether it is the vibrant daytime or splendid nighttime, each unique and charismatic moment in life conceive here. Located in the lobby, Moment features vast expanses of French windows to introduce natural lighting to the interior. Myriads of freshly baked breads and confectionaries permeate the air with a refreshing, sweet aroma of bakery, where you can lean against, sit or stand next to the French window with a cup of coffee in your hand to remember each touching moment.


Italian Vanilla Bread
The French century-old flour brand rarely seen in Taiwan – Viron, which is known as the Rolls-Royce in the world of flour, is specially selected. It is made with 100% French wheat and the bread made with it has a unique wheat fragrance, offering a lasting
Cake Roll (Hokkaido Pomelo and Matcha / Coffee Ca
The dessert cake roll is the popular Western souvenir from the hotel. <Hokkaido Pomelo and Matcha Cake> selected Hokkaido flour, French fermented butter and fresh milk, together with Kyoto matcha and Ehime pomelo from Japan, the aromatic matcha with sligh
Fruit Millefeuille
The Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei pastry chef used Taiwan’s seasonal characteristic fruits as the main theme to launch thematic desserts such as the Fruit Millefeuille. The crisp and crispy Millefeuille pastry used French fermented butter and flour. The Fren
Imperfect Cake
The Japanese French cuisine chef, who specializes in making desserts and bread, stringently selects the food ingredients with the main principle of presenting the natural healthy taste. The store is very favored by the female socialites of Kobe. Kobe’s po
Hokkaido Double-Layered Cheese – Hand-in-Hand
Cheese with an aromatic milk scent and Mascarpone cheese are selected together with the honey-flavored cake, the snow-white appearance symbolizes the purity of love, where the sweet taste continues endlessly.
Valrhona 70% Chocolate Cake
(Valrhona Chocolate Cake, OREO cookies) The “Valrhona Chocolate” cake is made using French VALRHONA quality chocolate, offering the aromatic smoothness of the cocoa beans. The sugar reduction concept offers a slight sweetness that one will not get sick of
Caramel Sea Salt Biscuits
Made using Isigny caramel crisps with sea salt from France. When put in the mouth, the refreshing salt taste with the unique caramel fragrance and crisp texture causes the deliciousness to linger on the taste buds.
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Meticulously pickled American cranberries with specially chosen oatmeal to blend out the handmade cookies featuring agreeable sweetness enriched with nutritional value.
Mayfull Tea and Fruit Pastry Gift Box
The carefully selected tea leaves from the high mountain areas in Taiwan and various dried fruits are meticulously prepared by the pastry chef to design four unique tea desserts, including Roselle Beauty, Genmaicha & Mulberry, Jinxuan & Mango, and Kumquat



Reservations: + 886-2-7722-3397

Operation Hours: 10:00 - 20:00  (Last order: 19:30)

February 4th closing 21:00

Seating Capacity: 70

*The corkage fee per bottle is NT$800 for wines and NT$1,200 for liquors.

* Dessert Set Meal (Available between 14:00-17:00) – For an additional price of NT$180 per any dessert, one may select any drink under NT$250; for prices exceeding that, the difference shall be paid.