"Little Prince Planet Tour" Accommodation Project

The Earth is not just an ordinary planet! 

The little prince explored the planets and finally comes to the seventh planet - the Earth. The footprints are all over the comfortable rooms of the Grand Mayfull, friends of the little prince, leisurely staying together, reading the little prince's roaming notes in the universe, back home satisfied with the memory of the earth!

The theme room is priced from NT$7,800 per night and is presented with a gift set of the “Little Prince Exploring Postcards."


April 1st, 2019 till March 31st, 2020

Room Type

Executive Guest Room

Elite Guest Room

Package Rate


(Original Rate NT$14,000+15.5%)


(Original Rate NT$19,000+15.5%)

Promotional Content

  • Complimentary Palette buffet breakfast for two adults per room (children will be charged according to hotel fee standards)
  • One set of the Little Prince thematic letter paper, notepad, L-file, postcard and bath set (may be taken home as a souvenir)
  • The Little Prince storybook (with Mandarin Phonetic Symbols/for reading in the room only/please contact the reception counter if you desire to make a purchase)
  • Mu Men Wellness, Fitness Center and Outdoor Swimming Pool with Constant Temperature

Room reservation hotline: 02-7722-3399 and ask for the Room Reservation Center

For inquiries and reservations, please contact the hotel reservations office at 02-7722-3399 or